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The Passion Center for Children grew out of a deep concern for vulnerable children of Malawi and their communities. Known as the "Warm Heart of Africa," this beautiful country staggers under the growing weight of HIV/AIDS, poverty, and disease which continues to steal the futures of so many orphans, widows and entire communities. 


Operating as a dynamic partnership between individuals, churches, and concerned groups in the United States, the Passion Center for Children is committed to making a real difference. In just a few short years, God has grown the Passion Center into a dynamic, orphan rescuing, widow encouraging, household reclaiming, community strengthening, Jesus focused ministry.

Providing love for life


Creating a warm, caring environment where children can experience the healing power of God's grace and learn about Jesus. 

Providing health for life


Helping children grow up health and strong by providing their most basic needs such as food, clothing, protection, and medical care.

Providing skills for life


Providing school admission to all Passion Kids from primary school to secondary school, tutoring those who have missed portions of their education, making vocational training available to those unable to continue their education, and paying all costs for those who qualify for college. 

Providing empowerment for life


Equipping children with grace, compassion, and truth so that they will become instruments for His purposes and future leaders in their communities.  

Providing belonging for life


 Working to ensure children's full participation as valuable members in the community and maintaining strong, healing community ties in the order to remove the stigma associated with being AIDS orphans.

Providing hope for life


Seeking to serve and impact communities through village bible studies, training health care volunteers, providing health education, professionally developing educators, equipping and training pastors, and reaching at risk youth through sports.

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Passion Center is a registered Non-Profit with 501(c)3 status

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