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Beth Emery

The first time I went to Malawi was in July 2018 with one of the summer teams. Those two weeks were enough time for me to fall in love with Malawi.  In 2019, I returned to the Passion Center for two months and primarily worked with the Community Health Network (CHN), as well as the Champions program.  I have been a nurse for four years and working with the CHN this past year allowed me to care for people physically and spiritually. 

After returning to the states, I still felt like I was being called back to Malawi.  After months of prayer, I met with my Pastor to start the process of becoming an intern at the Passion Center for a year.  I look forward to reconnecting with those I’ve met through the Passion Center and I’m excited to see what God has planned for me over the next year in Malawi.  

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