September 1, 2017

Bradley Draghi

September 1, 2017

Here is a recap from Bradley's experience in August featuring the Namikango

Church Plant and 3-Day Crusade!

Most of the first week of the last 2 weeks were slow because the kids finished

school and are on holiday. It was also slow because the person I typically work

under during the day ( Abusa Semphere) was on holiday as well. So I really spent

the majority of the week exploring other ministries in the Passion Center and when

there wasn't anything to do, digging into the book of Esther (and man, it's becoming

one of my favorites!). The week picked up on Friday as the Namikango church plant events

started.  What an awesome thing it is to witness a church plant! Friday, we had an outreach

where 11 people gave their life to Christ. Then Saturday,  we went out door to door in the Namikango village and shared the gospel which was a super cool experience. Lastly, on Sunday we got to be at the very first Namikango Community Church Sunday morning service! It was a special service and full of rejoicing. God is working in big ways in that village through this new church. After all of the events from Friday to this morning, the grand total of people led to Christ through the events was 79! How cool is that? 

The past week I've been doing things with Abusa Semphere like visiting Child Headed Household kids and Passion kids who aren't residents to encourage them with the Word of God. We also have been planning out the next month, and preparing for a follow up meeting with those who were saved through the basketball program when Dallas was here, as well as those who were saved at the Passion Cup. Luckily the kids will be returning over the next 2 weeks so I anticipate things to begin to pick up once they get back and I can begin to start laying the foundation for discipleship with some of the teenage guys. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.



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