Build A Home Project

It was just a few years ago that the Lord opened a door for us to begin the Child Headed Household ministry.  Thanks to the support of generous donors, a growing number of vulnerable orphans living in homes without a parent are now receiving basic support along with hope and love. Providing  food, school fees & supplies, medical care, prayer, counseling, and an adult presence through home visits are just some of the ways the Passion Center supports these children. Unfortunately, these homes, and the homes of other Passion children who live with elderly grandparents, are in terrible condition.


Living Conditions

Major gaps in the walls and broken doors (if any) let cold air, rain and/or rodents into the home, and improper cooking facilities create smoke buildup that lead to respiratory problems. This affects the safety of our kids who are already vulnerable. Restroom facilities are also inadequate, which further degrades the sanitary condition of the home.


All of these are repairs require resources that our children cannot provide. In coordination with the Malawian team, we’ve set a goal of completely rebuilding two homes and doing substantial repairs for two additional homes annually. The total cost for these four projects comes to approximately $4,000. Some funding has already been donated, and we are starting to develop a Construction Mission Team to assist in the rebuilding/repairing projects.


How you can help: Prayerfully consider donating finances to the “Build a Home” Project in partial or in full. The cost for a completely new two bedroom house is approximately $4,000. Your donation of $10, $25, $50 or even $4000 will allow our team to rebuild/repair these homes and provide a safe environment for our children and their families. Thank you for the difference your prayers and financial support makes to our kids and their homes! 

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