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One of the least reached groups of people in Malawi is those with special needs. Children with special needs are hidden away, mistreated, and neglected. The families of these children are put to shame by their neighbors who tell them God must be angry at them or that someone visited a witchdoctor and put a curse on them. ​


The Champs Mobile ministry is our traveling Champion’s Club, bringing the benefits of Champion’s Club out into the surrounding villages. Working in conjunction with the Community Health Network and the Ministerial Department, the Champs Mobile ministry visits special needs families in their homes to educate the guardians how to do physical and occupational therapy, support the mental and social development of their child, and provide spiritual counseling with one of our pastors. 


Champs Mobile is currently helping Champions in 6 centralized areas covering 26 villages. Passion Center provides health and education for the Champions and their families. Passion Center continues to expand its impact on those in need and the communities around them.

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