Elisha Initiative

We’d like to introduce to you the Elisha Initiative. The ministry works as a discipleship training program focused on helping villagers increase crop yields and end cycles of pervasive hunger all within a comprehensive biblical discipleship model. As one of the poorest countries in the world, Malawi is primarily a nation of subsistence farmers who rarely grow enough food to meet their needs. The Elisha Initiative seeks to change that by reminding farmers that God has given them everything they need grow enough food for their families, to give to their churches and to sell as surplus. Some of you may know Chris Weaver; he has taken on the program utilizing the proven farming principles of the Foundation for Farming organization. As we approach the growing season (Nov - Apr), we are looking for your financial support to help make this season overflowing with crops. We’ve started the training, supervision, transportation, and logistics for our orphans to contribute their time, labor and knowledge through this season, but we’re asking God for $2,000 to meet these needs. If you feel God leading you to give, please donate and mark your Passion Center donation as the ‘Elisha Initiative’. Stay tuned in the coming weeks about the elements that make up the Elisha Initiative and how God is working through this ministry!

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