Champions Club

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The Champions Club is a ministry first of its kind in Malawi, Africa that brings the good news of Jesus Christ to special needs children and their families. 


Living in one of the poorest countries in the world, special needs children (or 'Champs') are too often underserved, neglected, or shunned. The Champions Club provides encouragement, training, resources, and love to meet the developmental needs of Champs in four major areas: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical.

Our primary desire is to tangibly demonstrate to all Champs that God hasn't forgotten them and that there is real hope in Jesus Christ.

The Champs Mobile ministry is our traveling Champion’s Club, bringing the benefits of Champion’s Club out into the surrounding villages. Working in conjunction with the Community Health Network and the Ministerial Department, the Champs Mobile ministry visits special needs families in their homes. They educate the guardians on how to do physical and occupational therapy, support the mental and social development of their child, and provide spiritual counseling with one of our pastors. 


Champs Mobile serves Champions in six centralized areas covering 26 villages and provides health and education for the Champs and their families. This ministry continues to expand its impact on those in need and the communities around them!

The opening of the Champions Club in Malawi in 2016, was a miracle straight from the throne room of heaven. There is no other possible explanation. When the opening ceremony was over, an American pastor’s wife approached my husband with tears in her eyes and said, “I’ve never seen anything like this, not even in the United States. God outdid Himself today. I’m overwhelmed.” The Champions Club brought and continues to bring hope to Champions and their families. 

- Sandy Robinson

International Champions Advisor