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Holly King

The first time I went to Africa was in 2011 when I went with my church to Kenya. I knew then that I was coming back to work with kids, and I always thought it would be Kenya that I came back to. I went back home and started praying. When God opened the doors for me to return to Africa, it wasn't to Kenya, but to a country I had never heard of before... Malawi. Through someone at my church, I heard about Passion Center and all they do for orphans and vulnerable children. I went on their website and started reading up on them. I made contact with Eric about coming for a 1 year internship and 6 months later I was in Malawi for the first time and committed to a year in the field. I stayed for 16 months and then went back home. Over the next year in the states I continually felt that I wasn't supposed to be there, but back in Malawi. I continued to pray about it, and once again the Lord opened the doors for me to come back and continue in the work of the Lord. I have been here since December of 2016 and will stay as long as the Lord allows and the door remains open.


I am the coordinator for our Champs Mobile ministry. Every week we go out to the field to visit special needs kids and their families. We offer encouragement, biblical counseling, physical and occupational therapy, and educational assistance. We want these parents to see they are not alone, and they are not cursed. We have seen many lives transformed through the sharing of the gospel and through developing a community among those with special needs.

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