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Jodi came to Malawi for the first time in 2016 with the summer teams and immediately fell in love with the country and felt a connection to the people she met.  She returned the following year and spent a  month with the teams in 2017. She had been feeling called back to Malawi but wasn't sure what the next step would look like. Just a few days after returning home, she found out that her job of over 15 years was closing. Through weeks and months of prayer, she felt like this was an open door that the Lord was presenting to her.  As long as that door remained open, she felt like she needed to say “Yes, Lord, I'm willing to go”.  She arrived in June 2018 and will spend the next year in Malawi seeing what the Lord has planned for this next chapter in her life.  One of the first projects she is working on, is getting the new library ready to open in September.  The old library was inside the Passion Center walls and was previously only accessible to the Passion kids.  The new one is going to be available to the whole community.  It will be a blessing to so many children and adults who do not currently have access to the resources that they will find in the library.  Jodi looks forward to serving the Lord to the fullest during her time in Malawi as He strengthens her faith and walk, and continuing to grow in her relationships with the kids here at the center.  She appreciates all the support from back home and is extremely grateful for the prayers being lifted up for her daily.  She is able to do none of this on her own, but relies entirely on strength from her Father in heaven to guide and direct her daily.

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