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The orphanage hosts about 30-40 kids on site at Passion Center as their home. They are orphaned from their families in which parents have passed from HIV/AIDS, other disease, etc. The Passion Center staff have become their legal guardians by the government, caring after them, providing meals, clothing, opportunity to attend school, and encourage them in the Word of God.

There are about 12 children in this program in which their parents and/or guardians are dealing with legal issues with the government, courts, etc. The children are sent to Passion Center mainly by the Social Welfare Office through the government because they have seen how the Passion Center cares for the child and provides a safe place for the child during difficult times. They are able to stay short-term or long-term at the residency center in the meantime.

The child headed household is a situation where the oldest child is now the head of the household at a young age due to the death of their parents. Most of these kids have several younger siblings they are now responsible for. The Passion Center reaches out to these kids and gives them support, providing them with blankets and other necessities. This allows all of the kids to stay in school so they can receive the full benefits of an education. 

The child is living with a family member/guardian at their home, but the elder is not able to provide for the child. That's where the Passion Center steps in. The Passion Center provides everything for the child: school, clothes, healthcare, everything is taken care of by Passion Center. 

Child Headed Household
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Each of these programs allows children from any circumstance to come experience the Passion Center and everything it has to offer, caring for the whole child in the whole community for their whole life.

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