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Missed our Wonderfully Made Campaign?

Missed our Wonderfully Made Campaign?

You can still support our Champions Club ministry by purchasing a t-shirt!

Dr. Sandy Robinson serves as Passion Center for Children's International Champions Club Advisor. She is the Master Trainer and the International Training Coordinator for the Champions Club organization and wrote the first full-scale curriculum for the Champions Club with Pastor Craig Johnson in 2014. She also co-authored the Champions Curriculum Home Edition in 2016.

Dr. Sandy has many resources to educate, equip, and empower individuals who have experienced adversity in the form of disability, trauma, abuse, and mental health challenges, so they are able to achieve their greatest potential. She has personally designed Champions t-shirts to celebrate and advocate for children with special needs. For the next year, 25% of her t-shirt sales will go towards the newest Champions Club building in Jali and purchasing of equipment for this new site!


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