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Q:  Can I update the email address that is on file?

A:   Yes, once you have completed the steps to log-in to the account e-mail address that we have on file, you can change your primary email address by clicking 'Update Profile' and entering your new primary email address. 

Q: What is a Campaign?

 A: Fundraising campaigns, referred to as 'Campaigns', are personal fundraising pages set up by you, our supporters. They can be set up for a matching campaign, birthday, mission trip, etc. - directly from your supporter profile in REACH.


You will need to sign in or create an account in order to start a campaign. Once you have done so, You can start a new campaign directly from the menu bar, or from the 'My Campaigns' section of your profile. Once you have started a new campaign, you will be able to customize your campaign goal amount, photos, and purpose. Upon completion, share your page with your family and friends!




Q: How do I add a new sponsorship?

A: A new sponsorship can be added two ways: You can start a new sponsorship by clicking 'Sponsorships' on the menu bar, or from the 'My Sponsorships'  section of your profile.

Q: How do I send a message to my sponsored child?


  1.  Log into your supporter account

  2.  Go to Profile > Your Sponsorships

  3. Click on the "New Message" (envelope) button next to the sponsorship they would like to message. You can also go to "Inbox" on the menu and click "New Message"

  4. Type your message

  5. Click the "Send Message" button 

Q: What are some tips for writing my sponsored child?

A:  Communication with your sponsored child means a great deal to them. We encourage our sponsors to send pictures, share a bible verse, talk about your family, ask about your child's hobbies and interests, and ways that you can pray for them.


 We ask that you refrain from writing about material items as children in our sponsorship program are not as materially blessed as we are. 

Please DO send letters, cards, and photos to your sponsored child at the below addresses and/or through the REACH portal, but please DO NOT send any money or gifts to your child for they often times create jealousy and make them a target of theft.


US Address:  Passion Center for Children, PO Box 99986, Lakewood, WA 98496

Malawi Address:   Passion Center for Children, PO Box 1435, Zomba, Malawi

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