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June 2011 Newsletter

June 13, 2011

Strengthening the last familial bonds that a Passion Center child has with their guardian is one of our main goals. In Malawian culture it’s the duty of a grandparent or surviving aunt/uncle to take in a surviving orphan(s). We recognize that most of these households are ill-prepared to do so and in some cases resent or fear the AIDS orphan(s). Whatever the case, the Passion Center strives to alter the misperception that these orphans are a burden and hope that they will see us as a committed partner with them, bringing healing, comfort and hope to these AIDS orphans. We labor to show that God personally identifies Himself as a “Father to the Fatherless” and that His blessings are on the orphans and on those who care for His “Fatherles” children. There are a number of ways that we do that.

First, the Passion Center helps to relieve the load to the elderly or overtaxed guardian by providing the food, school expenses, clothes and any medical costs these orphans need. The Passion Center staff also makes regular home visits to encourage, counsel and help to resolve any problems that may arise in the home.


These visits also provide an opportunity to share the hope of the Gospel and invite them to Bible studies and church services. We’ve found that many of the guardians hunger for spiritual instruction and as widows/widowers themselves they also have needs. In those cases the staff assists them with blankets, health products and enriched food stuffs. Many of them live in huts that really need repair, to that end, this year’s mission trip will tackle some home repair work.

Additionally, this year every one of the guardians will receive a vision screening, and if needed, glasses. These guardians had little hope of ever getting glasses. We still could use special donations for the Vision Clinic and home repair. So please pray for those needs.

Please pray for the teams that leave this month and thank you for your support. May God continue to bless and guide you.

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