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December 2011 Newsletter

December 1, 2011


Ethel grew up in a large Muslim community in the neighboring district. When her biological father passed away, her mother married a strict Muslim. At the age of fourteen, her step father began pressuring her to marry an elderly Islamic cleric. When she refused, her step father threatened to divorce her mother; he stopped paying her school fees and she was forbidden from touching anything in the house. Fearing the ill-treatment might get worse, village neighbors informed the Child Welfare officials. When the step father refused to stop his demands on Ethel, officials turned to the Passion Center, requesting we provide Ethel custodial care and supervision. This region doesn’t have other organizations to turn to when children need rescuing.

Today, Ethel considers the Passion Center her family. She is doing well in school, plays with the other kids and smiles easily! Learning first-hand of God’s grace, Ethel accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and is now in a youth discipleship group. Like Ethel, most of the Passion kids are rescued from the ongoing agony of despair, poverty and hopelessness. As we provide food, clothing, education and basic medical needs, our staff shares and demonstrates the love and goodness of God. As a result, many experience the redeeming work of God’s grace in Jesus Christ. It’s amazing to see lives once marred by loss, abuse and abandonment now flourishing, as the Holy Spirit heals and restores their spirits.

As Christmas draws near we remember that Christ came to rescue, redeem and restore those who are lost, needy and broken. May God bless you.



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