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January 2012 Newsletter

January 6, 2012

One dynamic development has been the impact of the Community Health Network. We’re training a solid group of village volunteers, some HIV+ themselves. In most cases, they’re the only ones visiting and caring for the infirmed and ill. They provide the only emergency transportation, via bicycle ambulances we’ve provided. And with supplies from The Passion Center, they minister to those suffering as well as work with village leaders to improve the overall hygiene and sanitation in the villages.

Sadly, the country of Malawi is in a growing economic crisis. Government mismanagement and misplaced priorities has resulted in severe fuel shortages, rapidly rising food prices, power outages, a growing scarcity of medicines and a lack of education materials. You can read more about the new in Malawi here and here.

Please pray…

  • That country leaders would soon implement solutions for these problems

  • For those suffering

  • That the Lord would enable The Passion Center to continue bringing hope and a future to children and their communities!

What a joy it is seeing orphans—who once faced a bleak future—growing strong and healthy, learning about the living God and smiling freely!

With your help, we’ve seen just that by providing for their needs as well as providing them a place to be kids again…all in the name of Jesus!

The two photos below help capture a bit of that victory. In one, playing soccer is not a distant dream if you can make your own “village soccer ball.” In the other, kids gather around the only Swing Sets in the area to play and be with their friends.

Thank you for caring, praying and supporting The Passion Center. May God bless you in 2012!


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