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February 2012 Newsletter

February 8, 2012


Meet Isabel Mpinganjira, her story has recently changed—for now she’s safe, cared for and can smile again. She is only 13 years old, and her situation underscores the growing role that The Passion Center Residency Home plays in seeing God rescue, redeem and restore broken lives.

This past month Child Welfare officials turned to The Passion Center to care for Isabel. What we know so far is that her mother and father were migrant farm laborers in the North region of Malawi. When her mother became seriously ill, her father left seeking help. As her mother’s condition grew worse, the father never returned and Isabel’s mother died weeks later. Alone, disoriented and vulnerable, a neighbor took Isabel in for a time. When they could no longer feed her, she was turned away. For the next year she fended for herself working any available job she could find in the local trading center. Finally her plight came to the attention of local Child Welfare officers. When they couldn’t locate any family members and without the ability or facility to care for her they asked The Passion Center to step in. Isabel is already responding to the love and care her new home is providing. She’s learning about the overcoming love and grace of God in Christ firsthand and is quickly making friends with others who have also been abandoned, abused or who have no home.

The Residency Home is but one way The Passion Center labors to see God alter the trajectory of these bruised lives so they might hope and have a future again. If a grandparent or another family member is willing to take in an orphan, The Passion Center designates these children as Passion Kids and works to provide them with all their basic needs as well as matching them with sponsors, who would pray for them and give towards their needs. We also train and assist the family guardians; all in the hopes of keeping a Passion Child with a family member. There are almost 200 of these Passion Kids now, but there are also many children like Isabel who have no relatives and who need a home like The Passion Residency Home (Linda and Ethel are two examples).

We sense that God is leading us to provide for more orphans like these. This year we would like todouble our capacity to do so. We’ve been praying about this for some time now. Some initial plans and coordination have already been made, so in the next few months we’ll share more specific information with you. In the meantime please pray with us and if you already know that you want to give to make this a reality in 2012. You can do so by donating towards “Special Projects.”

Thank you so much for praying for and supporting The Passion Center in Malawi. May God continue to bless and guide you!

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