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March 2012 Newsletter - The Community Health Network

March 9, 2012

From the early days of The Passion Center we’ve known that heath care, sanitation and hygiene were major needs in the surrounding villages. Disease, the absence of medicines and the lack of health education in the rural areas of Malawi are severe. The Passion Center was frequently asked to provide bandages, pain-killers, and other medical supplies for those who had nowhere else to turn. It was not uncommon to see weak and emaciated sufferers falling off of bikes as family members tried taking them to clinics. Untreated wounds and bones left unset grew to become threatening health issues. But this situation is beginning to change now that The Passion Center is training, equipping and encouraging a group of volunteers to compassionately care for their neighbors.

With about 75% of the population living in rural areas, most of the area villagers will never receive basic health education or have access to health care providers, medicines or clinics. It is against this backdrop that The Passion Center’s Community Health Network ministry labors to strengthen these dedicated volunteers who desire to help in the name of Jesus Christ. What began two and half years ago in a backyard meeting in Ohio has now developed into a caring team of volunteers who daily respond to the diverse health care needs of a growing number of villages.

These health teams are self-organized and self-leading. The Passion Center conducts training twice a year and provides equipment and supplies to help them extend hope and healing to scores of people who would otherwise suffer in silence. On any given day, a health volunteer could be called upon to dress a wound, set a broken bone, transport an expectant mother (sometimes assisting with the delivery), deliver meds and insure they are taken. As the only First Aid responders they also must convince resistant villagers to seek medical help before their condition worsens. They provide emergency transportation—almost daily—through the bush and on dirt trails via their bicycle ambulances.

As we thank God for answering our prayers we also see that more help is needed. As the Community Health Network, grows the need for additional health care trainers, financial resources and medical supplies also increases. Please pray that God would meet all these needs. If you would like to donate towards this ministry, you can do so by donating towards “Special Projects.” There are a number of other ways you can help also. You could collect basic medicines and supplies or you can deliver them in person. If you’re a health care professional we welcome you to visit The Passion Center in Malawi. If this interests you, drop us an email,

Thank you for your continued prayer and support. May God continue to bless and guide you.

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