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Mulunguzi Dam Field Trip

April 13, 2012

Our American intern, Misse Mbongo, wrote to tell us about a field trip for some of the older Passion kids during their break from school. As orphans from the villages, they seldom get the opportunity to go on trips. The outings provide a great opportunity for the staff to encourage the teens to live for Christ.


The Passion Center staff took the Form 1 (9h grade) and Form 3 (11th grade) Passion students on an educational and spiritual field trip to The Mulunguzi Dam last week. Most of the students had never visited the dam before. For the first two hours of the trip, we were guided by the dam supervisor; he gave us a brief history of the dam. He really made it an educational experience for the children, explaining everything from what a dam is, what a reservoir is, what materials were used to make the dam, and how the dam is flushed out. The guide took us to the bottom most part of the dam and to the gorge as well. He answered many questions and often engaged the students. It was quite an experience for the children, they really enjoyed it!

After this part of the trip, we took a break and enjoyed our lunch, with a few monkeys roaming around. It was really beautiful!

After our break, we sat down in a little open hut within the dam premises for the spiritual part of the trip. We had a brief portion where we encouraged them to work hard in school, then Pastor Joseph Sekiya spoke on the importance of sharing their testimonies with friends and family. He used the apostle Paul as an example, how he told his story in the letter to the Galatians, who he was, how he was converted and how God is using him. So, before one can share their story, they need to write down their story. Their testimony should include (among other things) who they were before they came to Christ, how they came to Christ, and how Christ is working in their lives etc. They do have an assignment to write down their testimonies (as well as what they learned about the dam). Of course we’ll continue to work with them, even taking them out to reach out to others using their testimonies that they have written.

It was a really beautiful trip at the very beginning of their school break!



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