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Fooseball Table

May 10, 2012

January 24, 2011 was a significant day at Northwest Bible Church, as Pastor Mark Trotter announced a church-wide mission project for the Passion Center for Children. This endeavor involved shipping an entire semi-sized container, jam-packed full of needed supplies for the education and development of the precious children at the Passion Center.

Church member, Matt Wojnarowski, remembers the announcement clearly and a few weeks later, the suggested donation lists were delivered via bulletin inserts. Matt looked over the list, thought about the needs of his own seven children, and tucked it into his Bible. By the second week of the project, Matt knew exactly what the Lord was impressing on his heart to share with the needy children. One of the items on list for the container project was a foosball table.


Foosball was a family pastime for Matt, as he grew up in a preacher’s home with three brothers and one sister. The foosball table sitting in his basement had been there for several years and was originally a family present from his father and mother to their kids in 1978. Upon the original purchase, Matt’s dad had declared that he wanted to get a table that would last many years. While needing some repair, the table was in fairly good condition. Matt ordered a few parts, repaired, scrubbed and scoured, then delivered the table to the church and left it inside the shipping container. The difficulty of giving away such a sentimental item was immense, but he knew the children at the Passion Center would love it. Childhood memories filled his mind as he walked away, but his heart was full of joy from obedience. He hoped that the orphans in Malawi would enjoy the table as much as he and his family had. The theme statement for the project had been, “If you can’t leave your footprints there…at least leave your fingerprints.” Matt knew that his fingerprints were headed to Malawi.

After much work, the shipping container arrived at the Passion Center on August 17, 2011. The children were elated to open the much-needed and much-anticipated supplies. Their eyes lit up when, in the middle of unpacking necessities, the foosball table was discovered.

The first step of obedience to the Lord to help the orphans of Malawi led Matt to a second step. At the time of donating the foosball table, he held no thoughts of his own feet ever stepping on African soil. But that is exactly what happened. As a member of the worship team, through the gracious support of others, Matt had the privilege of leaving his footprints at the Passion Center for Children in February 2012.

Matt’s earthly father had a great plan for the foosball table with the desire for it to “last a long time,”but the Heavenly Father’s plan for that table superseded anyone’s imagination. Matt enjoyed playing foosball with his family for many years and his hope is that his extended family at the Passion Center enjoys the table for many more years.

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