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June 2012 Newsletter

June 22, 2012

We have shared with you that caring for the whole child in the whole community for their whole life is the driving theme of The Passion Center. We believe that the grace of God is best communicated through healing relationships where the hope of Christ is shared in tangible ways that meet the real needs of AIDS orphans and their communities. We recognize the importance of education in doing just that. Presently, we have a unique opportunity to train teachers and directly help students stay in school. This requires faithful commitment on our part along with volunteers who are willing to embrace this opportunity. Teachers in the communities around The Passion Center often do not receive professional development after their initial training. They also lack teaching materials and must sometimes share a single textbook. We can dramatically improve the quality of education with a focused effort. Though tuition is free for Primary School (equivalent to grades 1st – 8th in America), most students from the villages (75% of the population) do not have the money to pay for mandatory uniforms and school fees. That also means that most students can’t afford school supplies. These simple economic facts help explain why only 25% of Malawian students graduate from Secondary School. Our commitment to education is changing this for a growing number of children.




Though providing funds for food, clothing, education or medicine does some good, it does not directly result in transformed spirits, healed hearts and improved outlooks. These changes happen when real people go and invest their skill and time serving others in a Christ-centered partnership with like minded Malawian believers and education professionals. This summer a dedicated team will be going to focus on training teachers from the Mulunguzi Primary School in the areas of math, science, and English. This will allow them to build relationships, share their lives in Christ and prayerfully raise the quality of education that all the kids receive!





This is a great opportunity to impact the whole life of each Passion Child while blessing the whole community in tangible and sustainable ways! Thank you for your partnership in this ministry. If you would like to know more about bringing hope to the expanding communities that The Passion Center serves, visit our website,

God bless you and please keep on praying.

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