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July 2012 Newsletter

July 8, 2012

If you’re interested in working cross-culturally on an international team that has a Christ-centered holistic ministry, then The Passion Center might be the place for you. We are inviting those who feel called to serve some of the most vulnerable, to think about coming with us so they and their communities might experience the rescue, redemption and restoration that only Christ can bring.

Malawi, Africa is a small country rich in natural beauty, whose friendly people have led many to refer to this nation as the “Warm Heart of Africa.” However, this country is staggering under the weight of the AIDS pandemic, poverty and disease. As a result, millions of orphans now overwhelm the ability of traditional extended families to care for these vulnerable children, the widows and the elderly. There is very little hope for a better future. There are whole village communities that have lost a large portion of their adult population, plus there are so many HIV/AIDS sufferers that the limited health resources of this country are inadequate to bring relief.

But with God, we can confidently say this doesn’t have to be the whole story. We have found that it is in exactly these types of situations that the overcoming tangible power of the Gospel finds its greatest traction! There are now hundreds of orphans, dozens of communities an expanding number child headed households, and thousands of villagers whom The Passion Center presently serves!

We are seeking candidates for one and two year terms who are willing to live, serve and minister with The Passion Center staff in Malawi to communicate the overcoming power of God’s grace, holistically and relationally. There are a number of ways your passion, skills, education, experience and faith can help change the trajectory of lives that have mostly known disease, despair and death.

If you’re interested and would like to begin a conversation that might lead to the most life-changing and faith affirming time you’ll ever experience, then prayerfully consider contacting us. We are committed to helping you discover if God is leading you and to help prepare you for a term of service with us. There are also two-week, four-week and six-week opportunities to serve on special education, health, sports, community service, youth, literacy, spiritual training and work-project teams.

The Passion Center is committed to serving the whole child, in the whole community, for their whole life, all in the name of Jesus. You can contact us by email,

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