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Passion Kids Taking Leadership Roles

September 3, 2012


It is encouraging to report that more Passion kids are taking leadership roles and growing spiritually. They’re doing better in school, are active in church and youth groups and actually participating in outreach events. One such young man is Mussa. Recently The Passion Center began ministering in a nearby reform school that Mussa is part of that ministering team.


The reform school is where boys are sent when caught stealing, committing other crimes or when their parents don’t want to deal with them anymore. The warden there is a loving woman who has created an environment of hope. She invited us to help her reach these young men. 


Just a few weeks ago, we conducted a special event for dozens of the reform school boys up in the mountains. After a great day together, they heard the gospel and many gave their lives to follow Jesus. Mussa was actively counseling those who accepted Christ during the Outreach. What an amazing turn of events! Young lives headed towards a bleak future, now encouraged and built up by an AIDS Orphan who is growing spiritually and living for Christ—all in a place wracked by disease, poverty and despair!

Only God can write a script like this! Thank you again for helping to make this happen.



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