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October 2012 Newsletter

October 23, 2012


Education is very important and plays a big role in helping orphans step into a better future. That’s why the Passion Center makes it possible for hundreds of orphans to attend schools. We are committed to paying for tuition, school fees, tutors, supplies and other associated costs from primary school all the way through college. We’ve seen amazing results!


Just last month another 17 students were selected for secondary school! That is so promising—that orphans, who usually don’t have the support or opportunity to succeed in school, now have qualified for secondary school. This is what the Passion Center is about, serving to see God rescue, redeem and restore lives that had little reason to hope. We want to thank those who gave to purchase school textbooks that are now in our new library. We have one set of textbooks for each grade level, but need at least two more sets. Right now the kids crowd around the books we have to at least read and see what they’re being taught. Definitely an improvement but wouldn’t it be great to have more sets and more kids doing well in school? Please pray for that to happen.


We’ve seen Education play a key role in the process of seeing hope and grace take root in hearts that have been crushed, abused or abandoned. But it’s not education by itself—education, like food, clothing, medical care, protection, and clean water all can have a positive effect. Access to all these is critical, but we know they have a far greater life changing impact when Christ and grace are central to all the work that goes into rescuing, redeeming and restoring. That’s our focus, breaking the cycles of despair, disease and poverty through a Christ-centered holistic approach that seeks to care for the whole child, in the whole community, for their whole life.  Thanks for being partners in this great work!

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