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November 2012 Newsletter - Eunice's Story

November 23, 2012


We’d like to share with you Eunice Harry’s story. Until recently her life was marked mostly by sadness, difficulties and hardship. But today, thanks to the actions of three people, she’s beginning to experience two things that were missing in her life—hope—that she might have a promising future, and support to help her reach that future.


Eunice Harry is 12 years old. She lost both of her parents to AIDS. Her father passed away when she was only five, her mother died the following year. After her parents passed, she, along with her younger brother Victor, were taken in by their uncle. Not long after, the uncle’s health started to suffer due to AIDS and last year he succumbed to cancer. Not having many able relatives, an aunt finally took Eunice and Victor in, but soon began pressing Eunice to get married so she’d become someone else’s problem. Eunice refused and instead took her younger brother to live with their blind and dependent grandmother. She took on the entire responsibility of this household. Caring for her grandmother and looking after Victor plus cooking, cleaning and working in order to provide food began to take its toll.


Her school work suffered and she began missing days. That’s when the first person, a teacher, stepped up to try and help her. Noticing her problems he decided to seek help from the Passion Center. He had heard that they help Child Headed Households (CHH) in desperate need. Finding Titi from the Passion Center, who was visiting children of a nearby CHH, he told him about Eunice. After visiting Eunice’s household Titi realized they needed help. Titi is the second person who acted. He shared this need with the entire Passion Center staff and began praying that a sponsor would step up to help Eunice’s Household. About the same time, a friend of someone who had gone to Malawi, shared that he wanted to help in some tangible way. This was the third person who acted. As soon as he heard of Eunice’s situation he immediately offered to sponsor her Household as well as another.


Three people acted, and now Eunice is beginning to believe that Hope is possible. Eunice’s story is just another Passion Center story of Despair giving way to Hope. Thank you for making stories like these possible. If you know of someone who would like to get involved, please direct them to the donate page or have them get in touch with us. God bless you.

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