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Yanjanani's Story

January 13, 2013

Yanjanani, never was good at school. She’s repeated a couple of grades twice now. Like so many orphans who have missed long periods of education due to caring for ailing parents, lack of funds, poor nutrition or no emphasis on the importance of education, Yanjanani is not able to graduate from Secondary School. She admits it and her teachers confirm it. But we believe God can provide a way for her to support herself and those who depend on her. Yanjanani came to the Passion Center five years ago, her mother died in 2004 and her father long before then. Her grandmother took her and a sibling in, but she suffered from tuberculosis and can no longer get out of bed. The family now looks to Yanjanani to meet its needs.


It is for Yanjanani, and others like her, that the Passion Center began the vocational training ministry. Sadly, without skills to get a job or earn a living, orphans feel forced to enter early marriages, suffer from child labor exploitation as well as sexual exploitation, live on the street in increasing number and are more vulnerable to HIV infection, disease and malnutrition. This is a cycle that must be broken. One of the six themes the Passion Center uses to guide us in bringing real change to the life of a Passion child is by providing Skills for Life. This includes providing admission to primary and secondary school for every child, and making available quality vocational training or access to college. How that actually works out requires a personal touch because each child’s situation is unique.


Yanjanani’s story is one such example. As the staff talked to her, we discovered that she thought she could learn tailoring. She now receives tailoring instruction at the Passion Center, and when she finishes her classes, she’ll receive a start-up package which includes a manual sewing machine, a bolt of cloth, needles, thread, scissors and a measuring tape.


There are many children like Yanjanani that need vocational training and a start-up package. With your partnership we are addressing the need. If you’d like to make a special donation to help someone like Yanjanani, you can donate online or mail in a special gift. This is what rescue, redemption, and restoration looks like. Thank you for making this possible and may God bless you in the new year!


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