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February 2013 Newsletter - Precious' Story

February 28, 2013

God sets the lonely in families…
Psalm 68:6

We’d like to introduce you to Precious Jali. He has no specific sponsor but his home is the Passion Center. You see Precious represents a growing group of orphans whom the police and Child Welfare departments cannot care for and whose guardian and legal status is uncertain.


The police brought Precious to the Passion Center six months ago asking us to take him in. He was found in a northern district when his uncle abandoned him at a roadside market bus stop. He remembers that his parents died long ago and he has lived with and worked for his uncle for as long as he can remember. When told by his uncle that they were moving, he gathered all his belongs and they made the journey to the bus stop. While waiting for transport, his uncle sent him on a shopping errand, but when Precious returned his uncle had disappeared.


Sadly, abandoning related orphans is a growing problem in regions devastated by AIDS, disease and poverty. Precious sought help from the police, but they couldn’t find his uncle. Eventually they turned to the Passion Center. We are one of the few places civil authorities can turn to for help. We don’t know how long we’ll have Precious but while we do, we’ll try to convince him he is not unwanted, alone in the world, and only a burden to his remaining family. You may remember Ethel from a previous post, she shares the same status as Precious. She’s still with us and doing great!


Not all the orphans we care for can be sponsored. Since the legal status of children like Precious is uncertain and some stay for only a few months, we aren’t able to connect them with a specific person who gives towards their needs and commits to pray for them. But it is through the Passion Center that all their basic needs are met, they’re cared for, and they see the love and grace of God in action. That is why we need caring individuals to pray and give to the overall ministry of the Passion Center. Please consider being one of those caring individuals. To do so, please follow this link to set up regular giving to the ministry of the Passion Center.


Thank you for helping us convince orphans they are valuable, wanted, and most of all, that they can know a Father who will never leave them.


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