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March 2013 Newsletter

March 16, 2013

It was encouraging to see how well Often Banda, Emily Mustafa and Mary Umali are doing. They’ve overcome so much and now they’re showing signs of leadership. In our recent trip to Malawi we stopped in at Mulunguzi Secondary School. While there I was reminded again how powerfully God is changing the lives of the Passion Children, and how this also impacts those around them. Often, Emily and Mary come from three ministry programs that focus on rescuing orphans from different situations.

You may remember Mary’s story from a past article. She headed a Child Headed Household after her parents died leaving her to care for her two younger siblings. Children from this situation have almost no prospect of going to a National Boarding Secondary School. Because the Passion Center Child Headed Household program provides food, encouragement, protection and education tuition to Child Headed Households, Mary didn’t have to drop out of Primary School. She did so well, she qualified to attend this Secondary School. Mary is so well thought of by peers and teachers that she was selected to be the leader of the girls’ dormitory.

Often has a surviving grandparent who is his guardian. We encourage guardians and Passion Center orphans to stay together to retain the familial ties that remain. To help towards that end, the Passion Kids program reduces the burden guardian’s carry by providing daily meals, paying all school fees, taking care of medical needs and providing clothes and shoes. Often also qualified to attend and he’s now on the school’s basketball team and doing well academically.


Emily didn’t have a relative to take her in nor did she have any rights to her deceased parent’s house or land; she was parentless with no place to live. The Passion Center Residency program takes in orphans in Emily’s situation. We provide for all their needs as well as becoming the family that loves them. As their needs are met we pray they grow up to experience God’s love and then extend that love to others. Emily is doing just that. Today she’s the school chairperson for the National Student Christian organization that strengthens believers and shares Christ with others.

Before coming to the Passion Center, all three students had little to no prospects of attending a school such as Mulunguzi Secondary School, but now all that has changed. They’ve been helped and blessed and now they are helping and blessing others. Thank you for playing a role in making that happen. Please pray for Often, Mary, and Emily and also the Passion Center for Children that we may help even more. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

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