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April 2013 Newsletter

April 6, 2013

The Passion Center is focused on tangibly showing God’s grace and love. The stories of Mary, Often and Emily are examples of rescue and redemption and how the cycle of hopelessness and poverty is being broken. The volunteers from the Passion Center Community Health Network (CHN) are also breaking the pattern of silent suffering and hopelessness in the villages. What started with a small group connected to the Passion Center as relatives of our orphans, widows receiving encouragement or through attending a Village Bible Study—has now grown into a skilled, gospel sharing, multiplying, confident healthcare team!

With little to no healthcare presence, basic medicines or health instruction in the villages, the Passion Center CHN team is now meeting these desperate needs. In just a few years the simple training in basic First Aid, hygiene and sanitation has now blossomed into a well trained and respected network of care for thousands. Additionally, most HIV and TB sufferers are too weak to travel to get their medicines. Our network is entrusted to bring these patients their medicines, provide updates on their condition and transport them—as well as other emergencies—via bicycle ambulances. Recently a well known international relief organization had no means of starting or maintaining a much needed multi-vitamin program to children newborn to five years of age. The government health office quickly connected them with our CHN team and the program has begun. Right now, the team is training 40 additional volunteers to serve an expanding number of villages with the training they’ve received!

Through all of our ministries, our primary goal is sharing the hope that comes with the Gospel. Seeing many needy people open to prayer, the CHN team felt they needed more training in sharing the good news and how to help lead others to faith in Christ. The Passion Center staff was eager to do so. It’s humbling to see volunteers willing to help others and to see God growing the Passion Center Health Network.

With the Network growing, we need more help…maybe you can come and help personally? The bicycle ambulances are taking a beating and more are needed…maybe you can donate towards 3–5 new ones? As more are served, more supplies and equipment are needed…maybe you can collect supplies or donate funds so the mission teams can carry them over? If you’re a healthcare provider…maybe you can come on a mission trip to train, encourage and visit people in the villages? Please pray about getting involved, and thank you again for praying for and supporting the Passion Center. May God continue to bless and guide you.

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