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A Look at Our Summer 2013 Trip to Malawi

August 5, 2013

Most of the mission team members are home now and there’s much to report and celebrate! We’ll share just a few stories of the amazing work that’s happening in and through the Passion Center.

It’s winter in Malawi, and when you either live on only the food you grow or make less than $30 dollars a month, buying a warm $10 blanket is a luxury you can’t afford. Last month we were able to distribute over 500 blankets to those with the greatest need.


Some of the neediest are the orphaned siblings in Child Headed Households (CHH). Not only did these children receive two blankets each, but work has begun on rebuilding two of these homes. Through the “Build Them a Home” project and the strong, caring leadership of “Uncle Titi” (a Passion Center staff minister) the communities are now part of making things better. One of the village chiefs came out to thank us for helping them care for these households as we made it possible for him to organize villagers to mold bricks for a new home. While the oldest child prepares food for the workers, Uncle Titi readies all the material and arranges for the needed workers to begin the construction. Soon there’ll be enough bricks and these “CHH families” will move into homes that keep the rain and rodents out, that has an actual door, windows, and now has a sanitary toilet and shower.



Another village chief just donated land to the Community Health Network (CHN) so those volunteers now have a meeting place. Through the training, supplies and encouragement that we provide, this multiplying group brings tangible measures of God’s love and grace to people who would otherwise have no access to health supplies, critical First Aid, emergency transportation or medicines. It’s amazing to see them caring and praying for others. What a sweet reminder that God’s grace is contagious and that others also want to be part of bringing His healing to the forgotten, lost and hurting!


This is just a small sample of what went on the past two months—more stories to come! Though we weren’t able to send out our regular Passion Center update and donation letters, we want to thank those who did send in support donations anyway. For those who would like to make a special donation towards the ministry of the Passion Center, you can donate online!

Thank you and God bless you!

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