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October 2013 Newsletter - As This Door Opens Wider

October 2, 2013

Jesus said these words, “What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts no one can open.” (Revelation 3:7). The imagery from this verse kept coming to my mind while we were in Malawi. All around me I kept thinking that—at this particular time & in this special place—God had opened a unique door for His grace and healing to be known and proclaimed! As I think about what’s happening now with the Passion Center and what lays ahead of us, I can’t help but gather that God is opening this door even wider.


I saw many examples of this ‘Door opening wider’, but there were two situations that spoke very powerfully to me. The first is how the government’s own Child Welfare Office is pleading with us to take in more orphans. They know that along with sharing the gospel, we also make sure the needs of the whole child are met while at the same time working to impact the whole community with God’s grace and hope. They are now asking us to expand our ministry to start taking in newborns through pre-school orphans—something we’re not doing now because we lack the capacity to do so. We pray that God will enable us to respond to these needs and requests in the near future.


The second example is the amazing opportunity we have to strengthen and equip the rural pastors of Malawi. With over 70% of Malawi’s population living in rural villages, these pastors could play a powerful role in spreading the gospel and making known God’s overcoming grace and love. Regrettably, few have had Biblical training and just about all lack the spiritual resources to lead their flocks and call others to faith in Christ. These pastors are the ones who could guide their people to resist the destructive cultural practices that are harming their communities. They could also foster a climate of concern and care for the weak, orphaned and widowed. Recently over 250 village pastors walked or rode their bicycles to attend the Passion Center Pastor’s training conference. They were hungry and thirsty for the Word and asked the speaker, Pastor Mark, to continue beyond break times and at the close of each day. They pleaded for him to return because so few invest the time and effort to train and encourage them. It is our hope to do just that, and in this way to see God’s transformation spread even further out to the ‘least of these.’


As this Door opens wider, we ask you to step through it with us.


You can do so in several ways…


There are so many ways before us to share the message of Jesus’ love and hope. Please consider giving to the overall work of the Passion Center or plan on coming to Malawi yourself, but most of all, we ask you to pray for us—that we would be faithful with this expanding opportunity He’s placed before us. He want to faithfully walk through the ‘Doors He has opened.’ Thank you and may God continue to bless and guide you.

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