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December 2013 Newsletter

December 4, 2013

The ten newest additions to the Passion Center family!

As you prepare for Christmas this season, we want to ask you to please remember the Passion Center in your giving. What an honor it is to share that good news of Jesus’ coming with the “least of these” in Malawi!

We’d like to share three areas where your gift makes a direct difference.



In Malawi, only about 2.3% of the poor even attend Secondary School, much less graduate; orphans fall into this group. However, 90% of the Passion Center kids (all AIDS orphans) attend Secondary, not all are able to overcome long gaps of education to graduate, but all have the opportunity to go. This year, of the 7 who finished four years of Secondary school, 5 passed their exit/graduation exams! Those who graduated will go on to the University or a technical college—this is remarkable in a country where only 0.1% go on for higher education. It’s also exciting to report that 3 of the 5 who passed are our first girls to finish Secondary School—may they be an example to the younger girls to work hard and trust God.

Passion Center Sports Network

The Passion Center Sports Network continues to grow and impact thousands of people and dozens of villages. Young men and women are deciding to follow Christ, Bible study groups are forming and this sports ministry provides us a unique opportunity to speak against destructive practices that impact so many young people. It’s humbling and exciting to see our role in advancing Christ’s kingdom of grace and hope growing.

Supporting Children

At its core, the Passion Center is about seeing God rescue, redeem and restore “the least of these.” Hundreds of orphans now have a future and a hope. Daily they’re seeing and hearing God’s grace and love in real ways. The latest example of this are the 10 newest kids who are now part of the Passion Center family—8 girls and 2 boys now have a place to call home. Of the 10, several are from an Islamic background, they now have the opportunity to learn, hear and respond to Jesus—who came into the world to rescue and save even orphans like themselves. What a joy and privilege to represent God’s concern and hope to them.

These are just three of the ways in which your gift can directly help the overall ministry of the Passion Center. In closing, we ask you again to please consider giving a Christmas gift to the Passion Center. May God bless you and may the joy of His rescue and redemption continue to spread until He returns!

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