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February 2014 Newsletter

February 4, 2014

What was until recently unimaginable is now a reality!

Twelve-year-old Eunice and 14-year-old James, have both now moved into their new homes. Eunice is the sole provider and caregiver for her younger brother and blind grandmother, as is James for his four younger siblings. Both “families” lived in deplorable houses, and without any parents couldn’t see their living conditions changing. But now they do; thanks to the donations made to the “Build Them a Home” project. You have made the unimaginable happen and helped declare that “with God anything is possible”.


At the same time we were celebrating this news, we learned that seven houses were damaged by heavy rains and wind. The rainy season usually lasts until April, so the Passion Center staff is trying to respond to this urgent need. Like Eunice and James, these “families” are also headed by the oldest sibling. Please pray for these children as they have no other place to go, the staff as they respond and for gifts to make the repairs needed. We would appreciate any donation if you’re able to give and would like to help.


Upcoming Summer Missions Trips

We want to thank you again for your prayers and gifts that help communicate the tangible love and grace of our God and Savior. Before closing, we want to inform those who would like to actually go this summer to the Passion Center in Malawi that there are two main trips planned…

  • June 23 – July 7

  • July 6–21

There are also three and five week slots open, but since space is limited on all the trips, please contact me immediately if you’re interested or have questions.

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