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July 2014 Newsletter - Outreach to Muslim Village

July 7, 2014

Our multi-ministry outreach to this Muslim village starts with a long drive into the bush. We notice all the mosques recently built to gain a presence here. Titi, leads the Child Headed Household (CHH) ministry, taking us to a household of three sisters whose “house” was destroyed during the rainy season. His work here has opened a door for the gospel. We pull off the main path near the village mosque and enter a cluster of homes. Newly molded bricks lay in the open, these will become the three sister’s new home! Children start flowing into a clearing under a shade tree. Soon we’re starting our first outreach event. Pastor Banda gets the kids singing and dancing which allows the Children’s team to share a simple gospel story and hand out coloring sheets with crayons. Most have never used crayons and they’re so proud of their pictures and bible verse. Parents and young adults join in as Pastor Banda tells the story of salvation. I see the mosque Imam observing our activities and wonder how he’ll respond.

Community Heath Network (CHN) volunteers follow with a lively dental hygiene lesson. Soon everyone has their own toothbrush and tube of toothpaste, items too expensive for most here. All along, the Sports team sets up the generator, PA system and readies the field for the Passion Center soccer team and the local village team. Villagers from all around start hearing the announcements and music from the PA system. Most village teams only have balls made of used plastic bags so they’re happy to play knowing we’ll give them a new soccer ball. Excitement grows as more spectators show up. We finish our prayer walk as pastor Banda prepares the halftime gospel message. At the first half, the players and spectators gather near the PA system as Pastor Banda brings the message. A number of adults and children respond to the invitation and receive Biblical counseling.

As the first vehicle shuttles people back I see the Imam approaching the vehicle stopping the driver. I make my way there wondering what to expect. I’m relieved seeing a big smile and that he’s offering limes from his tree. Titi tells us he’s grateful for the inspiring message and gives me a warm hug. As the sun sets behind Zomba plateau, people are still dancing to the praise music. What began with uncertainty in the shadow of a mosque ends with the dust mingling with the remaining light creating a soft golden hue, definitely a precious memory.

We appreciate your prayers and support. May God continue to bless and guide you.

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