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January 2015 Newsletter

January 14, 2015

2015! A New Year!  With new Opportunities! From the One Who brings New Life!

  • Thank you for 2014:  We’re so grateful to everyone who prayed for or gave to the Passion Center in 2014.  You were the means God used to bring many to Himself, to expand His Kingdom and to break the cycles of Despair, Disease and Death.  We also thank those who went to Malawi and used their voices, smiles and touch to convince orphans, widows and their communities that God loves them and wants to give them a New Life.  


  • What an encouraging trip!  Abusa Pilira Chibwana’s US Trip: TX – OH – CA.  It was wonderful to reconnect with those who played a part in the unfolding story of the Passion Center.  And it was wonderful to meet many new friends and supporters.  We never tire of sharing stories of Passion Kids discovering New Life and New Opportunities; of Communities trained to serve one another; of Pastors being equipped and of the Gospel taking root in new areas.  For those who want more information or who want to get involved or go to Malawi in 2015- please contact us through our web site.

  • Education 2015!  Wow! We’re seeing a growing number of orphans going to and graduating from Secondary School! Plus there is now a growing cadre of College students/graduates!  This is not the norm, but we want to make it the new norm for everyone connected to the Passion Center.  In launching the new web site and during Abusa Pilira’s visit, we announced a $10,000 Education goal to offset the growing cost in 2015.  Donating used ‘Electronics for Education’ is one way of meeting that Goal and some have started collection drives already!  Others have given specifically towards Education- we have over 3k already (was the goal too low?).  Please pray and rejoice with us.


  • Thinking about going to Malawi with us in July?  Or are you praying about an opportunity to serve from 6 mos - 2 yrs?  Then let us know; we’ll send you an application, answer your questions and inform you about upcoming trip meetings.

In closing, please pray that God would strengthen our focus in seeing Him Rescue, Redeem and Restore orphans and their communities.  May God continue to guide and bless you!

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