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Restoring Broken Lives, Broken Homes


Seeing firsthand the homes destroyed by Malawi’s flooding and heavy rains was gripping.There was damage everywhere our recently arrived team looked. Specifically, 4 Passion Center kids’ homes have collapsed and others are close to collapsing. With the Rainy Season lasting through March the situation may worsen. 


For those Passion kids in collapsed homes some have found temporary places to stay while some have moved with guardians and siblings to a displaced camp at a village school. Vacating the school during the day but returning and sleeping there after school. There is a great need to rebuild and repair these homes once the rains cease.  We’re coordinating with the District Emergency Response Office so as not to duplicate efforts with other Relief groups. To that end we are now raising funds to rebuild at least 4 homes and repair 7 others. We estimate that will cost $15,000- $17,000. We appreciate any amount towards this total and ask that you share this need with others. You can donate online here or mail checks to our office (PO Box 4158, Riverside, CA, 92514). Indicate your gift is for ‘rebuilding/repairing damaged homes.’ Please lift up these kids before the Lord, all of them have already experienced great loss, and with this damage to their homes, a greater sense of vulnerability creeps into their hearts. Pray also for the Passion Center staff as they comfort and counsel these orphans and work to remind them that God hasn’t forgotten them.


As for now, our Passion Center kids are safe and thanks to your previous response for urgently needed supplies we’ve been able to help many displaced people. Sadly, cholera cases are showing up in the surrounding Districts just as we feared as flooded pit latrines contaminated water sources used for drinking and cooking. We won’t know the extent of crop damage until after the April harvest.  We are praying that the harvest from other regions will offset the loss in our areas.


Thank you for allowing us to be God’s instrument, for our stated Mission is… “to join God in rescuing, redeeming and restoring orphans and their communities.


May God continue to bless and guide you, thank you for your prayers and concern.


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