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10 for the 10th: A Rescue

April 30, 2015


Earlier this month Kaleaza, a 14 year old girl new to the Passion Center, was taking a short cut to her home village when a lady she had spotted earlier, came running up to tell her a Passion Center staff wanted her to return in the car that had just pulled up near them. When she hesitated, the lady began to tie her up and pull her towards the car. By God’s grace some Passion boys saw what was happening and began shouting for help and running to the scene. The car quickly drove off and the boys untied Kaleaza. Upon returning to the Passion Center, they told what happened and the Police were notified. The lady has since been arrested and now stands trial for attempting to abduct Kaleaza, who besides being an orphan is also an albino. Tragically there have been a growing number of cases of albinos being abducted and sold for witchcraft purposes. After this abduction attempt the District Social Welfare Office asked that she stay in the Passion Center Residency center for her protection.  


Rescue looks different in different situations; Kaleaza’s was a dramatic one and also one that now frees her to begin a new future where protection, food, education, opportunities and God’s grace are abundant.  This is the future we want her and hundreds of other orphans to experience.  


The first steps of any journey are often the most critical.  We are committed to Rescuing those who need to experience a new future in God, who are in great need, and who have no one to protect them. 


Please consider making a donation that helps us continue this work. May the next 10 years allow others to take their first steps on a new journey of Hope.


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