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Grace, Relief supplies & Protection

April 30, 2015


In late March, our ministry team made the journey to the Chizimba displacement Camp to help over 450 children and 75 families.  Due to impassable roads, the loss of all belongings and collapsed homes these families face numerous challenges; the lack of food and a growing sense of despair being two immediate ones.  

The sustainment packages of fortified porridge, beans, cooking oil, sugar, maize flour, salt and sugar that Passion Center distributed should last families about 2 months.  Our Community Health leaders also came to share about sanitation, hygiene and health issues.  We noticed some infants under the age of 5 were malnourished and some new babies were being raised by grandparents having lost their parents. It is in circumstances like these that Relief supplies are needed and the message of God’s rescue and redemption needs to be heard.  

The local village chief thanked us for bringing supplies, helping the people and sharing the Gospel.  The Passion Center report stated that at the close of the message “most people at that camp came to the Lord.”  We give thanks to God that we were able to respond.  The Chief encouraged the Passion Center to continue their work and to pray that everyone would be able to return to their homes soon and start rebuilding their lives once the rains have stopped.  


On a different note, we ask you to continue praying for the safety of our Passion Center Kids.  For the most part Malawi is a safe place to live and visit, but those who have visited or lived in Africa know, witchcraft is prevalent and poses a direct threat to the vulnerable, orphans and those who are albinos. Recently one of our newest Passion Center girls was grabbed by attackers who intended to sell her for witchcraft rituals. By God’s grace some Passion boys came upon the scene, sounded an alarm and stopped the attack from succeeding. It is sad but true that the fatherless are targets for those who would use and oppress them.  Pray we can extend care and protection to even more in need.


May God continue to bless and guide you.




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