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10 for the 10th Part 4: More Than A Game

May 25, 2015


In every village, no matter how remote, soccer and Netball provide the Passion Center a ready platform to share the gospel, influence communities and build relationships. In Chikumbu village, there are as many Mosques as churches along the long dirt road that leads to the soccer pitch. It is here that we held a recent sports outreach event. The local Imam fried up corn for the soccer players, villagers worked together to prepare the field and a Passion Center Outreach team of Secondary and College students built relationships through visitations, Bible studies and follow up. Our newest Staff member gave the gospel message and invitation and about 120 people responded. It’s encouraging to see many Muslims respond and to see village coaches eager to participate in new Bible studies.  


The Passion Sports Network (PSN) is a dynamic ministry that reaches across age groups, raws spectators who otherwise would not attend an evangelical outreach and is able to present the gospel in predominately Muslim areas-that’s what we’re seeing now. There isn’t a village in Malawi where soccer isn’t played and where villagers don’t form teams to play on local community fields. 


Though equipment is scare there is no lack of enthusiasm. Most play barefooted for lack of shoes, the goals are little more than framed tree limbs, and while real soccer balls are scarce here, every child seems to know how to make a

village soccer ball out of plastic bags and string. So when the PSN organizes a village sports outreach tournament the reception and participation results in packed grounds and a festive atmosphere.  


What a great way to share the good news of Jesus Christ! We ask you to consider making a donation to help us continue this work. If you want to get involved, gather soccer equipment or play on a Passion Center Soccer team in Malawi, contact us!

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