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10 for the 10th Part 5: This Amazing Open Door

June 1, 2015

It’s been said that "only the Word of God has the power to change hearts, heal households, strengthen communities, build nations and bring about a brighter future." We couldn’t agree more. Our desire to see the vulnerable cared for and to witness cycles of poverty and hopelessness broken and replaced by patterns of grace & promise is anchored in the conviction that the Word of God is the most powerful and effective tool to make that happen. Our Passion Center for Pastors ministry is dedicated to teaching the Word of God to village pastors, evangelists and church planters.


There is an amazing open door for the Gospel through building up village pastors in the regions surrounding Zomba, Malawi. This is a country where over 70% live in the villages, but little has been invested to train up these pastors. Most village pastors have never been discipled, trained biblically or have any study resources. We want to change that! Right now a hundred pastors are being trained and equipped to teach God’s grace, truth and mercy. They play a critical role in bringing the Word of God to villagers and making Jesus known to hundreds of thousands who rely upon witchcraft or follow Islam. With more pastors asking to be trained, we know we need to increase our capacity to disciple, train and equip. To do so, we’ve started building a training center to host quarterly Pastors’ seminars and year round biblical training.  


Though better Governance is welcome and International aid and support is appreciated, it is the teaching of God’s Word that turns hearts back to God and lifts up a nation.  It leads men and women to live lives that honor Him; they begin to love their neighbors; and they start experiencing the blessings and promise of trusting God.  


Here is how you can help:

  • Pray for these Doors to remain Open

  • Donate to grow this ministry

  • Give to purchase Bibles and study resources

  • Come to Malawi with us to join God in Rescuing, Redeeming and Restoring orphans and their communities.


"The Lord gave the word; Great was the company of those who proclaimed it." Psalm 68:11






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