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10 for the 10th Part 6: Serving Our Brothers & Sisters

July 4, 2015



We believe the 21st Century offers followers of Jesus Christ from different countries the historic opportunity of working together to tangibly show the grace of Jesus Christ to orphans, the disadvantaged and the hurting!  In just a few days, two more Passion Center mission teams will join Malawian believers to do just that! 

This summer they’ll work together in multiple ways to declare that God has not forgotten orphans or their communities.  They’ll train primary school teachers so more children benefit; they’ll inspire students to apply themselves academically through academic camps; they’ll play with kids who need reasons to smile and hope; they’ll give out solar lanterns to light up village houses that won’t see electricity for decades; they’ll share the gospel to thousands of villagers through crafts, songs and games; they’ll use sports to reach people where witchcraft or folk Islam predominates; they’ll build up village pastors so they’ll strengthen and expand the local churches; they’ll encourage , supply and train health care


 volunteers to care, comfort and treat villagers who suffer alone and silently in remote villages; and they’ll do all this because God has moved their hearts to join Him in rescuing, redeeming, and restoring orphans and their communities.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to serve alongside national brothers and sisters and want to bring real change to those who’ve experienced far too much pain and not enough hope, then we encourage you to make plans in faith to join us- for two weeks, six months, one year or even longer.  Our next trip is later this year in October, one trip in March


2016, and again next summer, 2016.  It’s amazing how words, a smile, a touch, simple deeds or some comfort- offered humbly- opens hearts to the powerful work of God’s grace!  


Join us in the villages of Malawi making a difference where a difference is desperately needed!


In closing we’d like to ask you to help us with a financial gift, to pray for the staff there and the teams going; and to consider taking on a project to extend hope in the name of Jesus Christ. 




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