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Stand still and consider the wondrous works of the Lord

August 8, 2015


These words spoken to Job seem very fitting to our situation: "Listen to this, O Job: Stand still and consider the wondrous works of the Lord." Job 37:14


At various points this past month we stopped to consider and give praise for the wondrous works God has done through the Passion Center for Children these past 10 years. It's been an amazing first 10 years!


  • From our first 10 Passion Kids to over 250

  • From first not knowing what a Child Headed Household (CHH) was to 14 CHHs and a commitment to care for 20 by year's end.

  • from zero Secondary or College students to over 50 in Secondary School, 13 in College and 2 Graduates.

  • Where most orphans fail due to missed time at school, they now receive After School Tutoring to catch up and excel

  • Though most Passion kids live without electricity or running water, they all will now learn to use a computer and some will train in coding through our own Computer Club

  • Where widows were once on their own, now dozens receive encouragement, comfort and supplies

  • Where health care was severly lacking, there are now 4 Community Volunteer Groups trained and serving in over 137 villages

  • Where village Pastors had not received Biblical training or study materials, now over 110 are in a three year Training Program and receive study materials, with hundreds wanting to join.

  • From limited outreach to hundreds of villages hearing the Gospel and thousands responding to Christ.

  • Here, where soccer is everywhere, a Sports Ministry now impacts the surrounding villages, shares the gospel and conducts Bible studies.

  • From a staff of 1 to a full time staff of 20+ and a number of volunteers all showing & communicating the overcoming power of God's grace.


There is so much more on the horizon, but for now let us consider the wondrous works the Lord has done. Thank you to all who have given towards, loved on, gone to, prayed for and stood with us, may God continue to bless you and guide you!


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