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Education, too much of a good thing?

November 9, 2015


Education - too much of a good thing? If it were possible, I’d say yes, there’s too much good happening on this front! It’s great to see Passion Center students going further in school. We have kids ranking higher in their classes, more passing Primary School and qualifying for Secondary School (yes, they have to qualify and also pay), and also more qualifying for College! As a result, we’re seeing huge increases to our Education Budget. Just recently I was asked how someone could help on the Education front. Wow, the question alone blessed my heart. This is what I shared with her: 


As a whole, we know Education is extremely important for each Passion Child’s future; therefore, we are intentionally focusing on Education. Our newest intern, Mr. Maldingo, now leads the After School Program which helps every Passion Primary School student catch up and excel; there’s extra instruction and test prep for Secondary students; our portable Computer Lab helps every child learn computer skills on a laptop! This is amazing considering that most Primary schools don’t even have a computer. Also, the Residency kids have now started their own morning reading/studying program.

This is all happening against the backdrop of the Government’s school fee increases which makes it even more difficult for students to stay in school and help their country move ahead.  Additionally, parents from the villages are asking us for help with the increased school fees; even with good marks and qualifying to move on, they lack the funds. Sadly we can’t help them because we’re overstretched ourselves, but we’re praying for that to change. 


Here are three ways you can help improve the situation:

  • First, we need more funds to keep up with more kids going further in school.  Donations or grants for Education would be terrific.

  • Secondly, it would be great to initiate Special Needs Education at the Primary School our kids attend; consider giving to this.

  • Thirdly, if we want long term improvement we need to help raise the caliber of academics all kids receive, please consider coming to teach children or train teachers with our summer Passion Center Academy.  


Your support, prayers and concern are appreciated.  May God bless and guide you.

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