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Mosquito Nets & Blankets

December 7, 2015

Statistics don’t come close to telling the whole story about the needs of Malawian orphans and vulnerable children. To those who have ever visited the rural areas of this beautiful country, these needs strikingly stand out. The recent 2014 World Bank Report ranks Malawi among the 8 poorest countries in the world. By many indicators, they rank the poorest. What this report and these statistics translate into for those living under these conditions is a lack of food security, limited access to schools, education that doesn’t lead to skills, an unbroken cycle of poverty and despair, forced childhood marriages, no running water or electricity, poor hygiene & sanitation, little access to health care or medicines, exposure to the elements, and constant bouts with preventable diseases. 

In our visits to the Passion Center households, we continually find that the  children are in need blankets to keep them warm, and mosquito nets to protect them from Malaria. Most of our kids stay with guardians who are elderly and cannot afford to buy these items.

By God’s grace, the Passion Center labors to make a lasting change in the communities we serve.  With a small and inexpensive act, we can improve the health and quality of life for hundreds of children by providing blankets and mosquito nets. 

One blanket costs roughly $11 and a mosquito net costs roughly $8.

Would you pray about joining us in bringing relief to hundreds of children directly this Christmas season? Your donations would be so much appreciated and makes a huge difference in the lives of these children. Thank you and may God bless you!


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