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Celebrations and concerns, will you join us?

December 30, 2015


Reasons to Celebrate: It’s hard to believe that Martin and Mathius are almost 2 years old now. If you recall, their mother was HIV+ and had stopped taking her ARV medicines. She died only one week after giving birth. Their grandparents and aunts came to the Passion Center for help soon after this tragedy, and we have been providing them with food and caring for other basic needs ever since. Today, the boys are in good health and growing strong; Their aunties are taking great care of them. Although Martin and Mathius are not officially ‘Passion Kids’ and do not have a specific sponsor, they represent the existing need to care for newborn babies and infants. This is a need that we are praying about addressing in the future. In the meantime, let’s celebrate the hope that breaks out when God’s people act, and rejoice in the news that Martin and Mathius are both doing well. Thank you for making this possible! 




Reasons for Concern: Seasonal rainfall has begun. While this is a blessing and much needed during the growing season, the Zomba area has recently experienced exceptionally strong winds and heavy rainfall. This past week, some of our Child-Headed Households (CHH) suffered damages such as lost roofs, walls buckling, and in some cases, houses have completely collapsed. Damage is also being widely reported in the villages. The roofs of village houses are mostly made up of thin tree branch poles, plastic sheeting and grass. Customarily, brick walls are ‘cemented’ together with mud. As the wind blows rain against these walls, the mud begins to wash away quickly. This causes buckling in the walls and eventually causes them to collapse. Due to these conditions,  some residents have already been forced to leave their homes. We are working hard to prevent other homes from deteriorating further. Your prayers for these children and their living conditions are much appreciated. We also welcome any financial gifts to cover the repairs of these damages.

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