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All of this in just one month!

January 20, 2016

The special Christmas & End of the Year gifts many of you have contributed has allowed us to pour into many on-going ministries! Thank you for your generosity & prayers! Here’s a quick recap of the year, plus a peek at what’s on the horizon:

  • EDUCATION: What an encouraging start in covering our growing 2016 Education costs; 5 new laptops; our After School Program continues to help orphans in school and point them to Jesus; and lastly, thanks to a new partnership with Champions Club and the Cause Community Church, a Special Needs Resource Center launches this year — the first Champions Club in Africa! God does hear the cry of the orphans and vulnerable, and He’s responding through us! Thank You.

  • PASSION CENTER FOR PASTORS (PCP):  A Mission Team is in Malawi this month Biblically training and encouraging hundreds of village pastors so the Gospel will spread and Great Commission go forth. Plus, we’ll explore the real possibility of expanding the PCP to another remote region. Thank you for your gifts, and please pray for discernment and wisdom.

  • VEHICLES: Transportation doesn’t raise the temperature for many, but without it, the care of orphans takes a huge hit! Thanks to these gifts we’ve received, we rebuilt the engine of our main work vehicle and our main truck is receiving a new engine!  We are still hoping to add one more motorcycle, if there’s money remaining from the donations or more gifts come in.

  • CHILD HEADED HOUSEHOLDS: Two Child Headed Households (CHHs) have new roofs and we’re making window and wall repairs as well. Once that’s done we’ll see if we can do more. So many of the elderly grandparents our orphans stay with have homes in desperate need of repair. Please pray we can help the most vulnerable.

  • BLANKETS: 39 orphans have new blankets and we’re hoping to distribute 200 more during our Summer Mission Trips. Please consider giving towards that.


What’s on the 2016 horizon?

  • A new Passion Center for Children Ministry Center? We are wondering if God is leading us to the remote villages surrounding the Chinkhwanga Primary School to bring His hope and life there also. This is a remote and needy area, with many orphans and vulnerable kids. We’re praying that the February Mission Trip will give us a better idea where God is leading us to be His hands and feet. Please pray along with us.

  • New Passion Kids and CHHs: We know many are crying out to Him for help, may we be bold and be able to make them Passion kids.

Thank you once again for your prayers and concern, may God continue to bless and guide you.



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