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Meet the John Family: Our Newest Childheaded Household

April 4, 2016

Meet our newest Child Headed Household: Wyson, Henry, Violet and Chifundo.  About one year ago this ‘family’ lost both parents and were on their own. They now have a sponsor who will pray for them and help meet their needs. They’re another example of the large number of Child-Headed ‘Families’ that reside in the Zomba District. HIV/AIDS and destructive cultural practices have hit Zomba especially hard. Too often surviving relatives are unable to take in additional children, leaving orphan ‘families’ without much hope. It is for ‘families’ like this that the Passion Center started caring for Child Headed Households. 


In April 2015, they lost their mother after a long bout with various illnesses. After her death, their father left them and they haven’t heard from nor seen him since. The responsibility to care for the ‘family’ now fell to Wyson (17 years old). Wyson dropped out of secondary school to try and provide for his younger siblings. In rural Malawi, it’s nearly impossible to find a paying job, so earning enough money is difficult. It wasn’t long before Henry, the second child (16 years old), dropped out of school because Wyson couldn’t pay his school fees.  Henry joined Wyson in looking for odd jobs in order to earn money to buy food and to keep their sisters in school.  Violet is 12 years old and in Grade 7 while Chifundo 9 (which means ‘Mercy’) is 9 years old and in 3rd Grade. Daily the boys looked for work in people’s gardens or did manual labor, but sometimes they couldn’t find work, which meant the ‘family’ had no food that day. Now that this ‘family’ is with the Passion Center, we’ll extend protection over them, provide food, meet other basic needs and try to repair their home. We’ll also try to convince Wyson and Henry they can return to secondary school.  


Please pray for this ‘family’ and the other orphan ‘families in our District. Also please pray for funds to do even more. We are convinced that only God’s love can heal the pain so many feel and begin to change their future! 


Thank you so much for partnering with us as we join God in rescuing, redeeming and restoring orphans, vulnerable children and their communities. May God bless and guide you.


"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you."

- John 14:18

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