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National Food Shortage Update

April 27, 2016

Thursday evening we began asking for donations to help with the State of National Emergency declared by President Mutharika of Malawi. In just a few days, enough has come in to provide food for a month for over 100 families.  That is very encouraging! The need is great, but together we can make a major difference. Please continue to pray and share with others how they can help.  

“According to the Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee, an estimated 2.83 million people will experience acute food insecurity during the 2015-2016 lean season. Women are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity as their extensive home-based workload and care work does not usually translate into economic gain, limiting their ability to Malawi’s food security situation is further aggravated by a high HIV infection rate (11 percent), which is the ninth highest rate in the world. Nutrition insecurity is also high. The stunting rate for children under age five is 42 percent. According to a recent Cost of Hunger in Africa (COHA) Malawi report, 10.3 percent of GDP is lost annually to child under-nutrition and 23 percent of all child mortality cases are associated with under-nutrition,”  writes the World Food Program.


UN figures estimate nearly 50 million people are affected by Southern Africa’s prolonged drought. Many of those affected are the guardians of our Passion orphans, others are their neighbors. We see villagers suffering daily. You can help immediately and directly!  Please pray and please consider donating to our Emergency Relief Effort. 


Our goal is to help these families (in increments of 100 village families), with enough food for an entire month. For every $2,500 donated, 100 families (5-6 people) will each receive:

  • 50lbs of maize flour

  • 30lbs of beans 

  • 1.5L of cooking oil 

Please consider making a gift towards each increment of 100 village families, or you can bless 500-600 of our village neighbors by yourself.  Subsistence farmers make up nearly 75% of the population, and not only do they lack food, they also earn no money to buy food. Each gift is appreciated and desperately needed today. Please pray for those suffering, the country of Malawi and the Passion Center staff as they respond.  The Passion Staff works directly with those affected and stands ready and able to help those in greatest need. Our staff will distribute, share God’s love and pray for the families.


Lastly, please share this urgent need with everyone you know- your family, your friends and your Facebook contacts also!  We’ll post new updates on our Facebook page. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.



For more information on this crisis:


Read the BBC

Read News24 from Cape Town

Read the Malawi Government Facebook Page


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