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Meet Sydney...

July 1, 2016



Sydney is our newest “Strong Tower” Passion Child. The government’s Social Welfare office recently asked us to take him in. It’s for children like Sydney that we started the Strong Tower ministry as part of our residency program. Our program provides children a safe place that’s a shelter from harm and abuse. A place where God’s grace and love can make inroads against the pain, abandonment and harsh treatment that too many young lives have experienced.


Sydney’s story is all too common for orphans. His father passed away when he was a toddler, while his mother died only a few years later. At a time when he should have been starting Primary school, he and his brother and two sisters were separated and sent to different relatives. For three years, Sydney was subjected to abusive treatment. He was forced to do most of the work in his new ‘family.’ He was severely punished whenever he objected or complained. His punishment ranged from being forced to sleep outside, being denied food, to beatings and constant verbal and emotional trauma. Village neighbors attempted to intervene, but his situation never improved. Finally, the Social Welfare office was implored to act, and they turned to the Passion Center.


There are very few Residency Rescue Centers in Malawi, but we are committed to acting as God’s Strong Tower, providing safety and shelter to those in dire need. Today, Sydney is enrolled in school and doing very well! He still struggles with fear and anxiety, but his outlook is improving. Please pray for children like Sydney who need rescuing, and pray that we may be the healing and restoration these children need. There is much healing that will need to happen so he (and others like him) can begin to hope and trust again. We want all our Passion Kids to know that God has a better and brighter future than what they’ve known so far and that in Jesus Christ they will always have someone who will care for and protect them as their Good Shepherd.


Thank you for your donations and prayers that allow us to bring God’s rescue, redemption and restoration to orphans and communities in Malawi. May God continue to bless and guide you.


Your $40 a month sponsorship ensures that a child receives food, clothing, medical aid, education and grace-filled care. If you already sponsor a child would you tell us why? 


Click here to learn more about child sponsorship or you can Sponsor A Child.

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