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Pastoral Missions Trip

November 24, 2016


Our president, Eric Sythoff, just returned from Malawi. Here's a brief update from his recent trip:



I just returned from Africa this week. While there, God reminded me anew how brilliant His hope shines even against the backdrop of death, disease and despair.


You see, I just learned that Mercy (not her real name) qualified for college this month and will continue an incredible journey that defies the odds, considering her circumstances. About 15 years ago, in a rural village, she lost both of her parents. She was diagnosed HIV+ shortly thereafter, had no one to pay for her education, didn’t know if there would be food every day, and was at risk of destructive cultural practices. All this in a country where education, medical care, food security, and income reflect the standards of a country that’s ranked poorest in the world.


Yet because of God’s great grace, we are humbly celebrating another sweet example of God rescuing, redeeming and restoring orphans and their communities in Malawi! You have helped make that possible!


Mercy isn’t alone, two others also qualified. They add to the growing number of Passion Kids benefiting from college. In a country where less than 1% of students go to college, every year we're sending more of our Passion Kids to college. Not all of them qualify, but many of them go for Technical training and Vocational training as well. Though we understand the importance of education and job skills, our focus remains on sharing the gospel with each Passion Child, their communities, and making the love of Jesus Christ known in direct and tangible ways.


Yes, our education expenses are growing as more kids go to college and Secondary school. As these kids go to college we’ll need to raise additional funds for tuition and related expenses. Would you please pray for God to meet our growing college costs and consider sponsoring the education of a college student like Mercy? You can do so by giving towards "Education Now!" on our website.


Mercy’s smile and story reminds me that there are many more orphans who need to know that God loves them and need to experience a life filled with grace, hope and a future. Please join us in extending this hope to many more villages.



Thank you for your concern and partnership, may God bless and guide you.

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