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Wonderful Stories Unfolding in Zomba

December 19, 2016


Aida Gama, orphaned as a young teenager, is now preparing herself for college.  Very few orphans have this opportunity in Malawi, especially young women. Aida has had her basic needs met and has also grown spiritually to the point where she now wants to help others in the area of nutrition. We don’t know how Aida’s story will continue to unfold, but we are hopeful  that she’ll be an instrument in God’s hand to bless others.





“In our daily life, people have died with a rich brain because they are either victims of their circumstance or they do not have an opportunity. Rich and gifted a mind can be, but poverty tries and tries to dilute it and strip it of its gift.”



This is a quote from Prophet Dauda’s book “A Life of a Life of an Orphan”. His story provides poignant insights into the struggles and hopes most orphans share. He wrote it to encourage orphans and also to show others the hope that arises when opportunities are provided. As a recent Passion Center college graduate, Proph, as his friends call him, writes his story- one where grace and opportunity are unfolding and leading him to places too few orphans dream of.




Passion Center wants to help many more students like Aida and Prophet. Please pray for them and for the funds needed to pay for college.



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