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There is a wonderful story unfolding in the villages of Malawi...

April 4, 2017

"It’s a story of hope replacing despair!”


This isn’t just a slogan, it’s what we see on a regular basis. More orphans being rescued, more pastors being trained, equipped and making an impact, and more communities hearing the gospel and seeing lives restored. This is God’s fruit born through the faithful service of our staff along with the support, prayers, and contributions of many like you. Here are two encouraging updates:


On March 1st, our second Passion Center site opened with their first 20 Passion Kids. Praise God, all 20 new orphans now have sponsors who are praying for them and making it possible for them to embrace a different story with so many grace filled opportunities!  

Initially we identified 64 orphans and 2 Child Headed Households that were in need of sponsors. We’re now seeking sponsors for the next 20 orphans and 2 Child Headed Households and trusting God for His provision. Please consider becoming a sponsor or sharing this opportunity with someone whose heart beats for the same thing - joining God in rescuing, redeeming and restoring orphans and their communities.

We don’t know what is in store for our first 20 orphans, but we are hopeful considering how God’s grace has changed the lives of our other Passion Kids. Some of our previous Passion Kids are now on staff with the Passion Center extending the same hope they themselves experienced!  Irene K., one of the original 30 kids, is now working with the Champions Club (our ministry to special needs children)! That’s a sweet ‘unfolding story’!




The Passion Center Pastors (PCP) ministry also continues to grow. To recap, more than 400 pastors are in a 3 year training program in two different regions! Thanks to some very special gifts, we now have a dedicated truck suited for these travel demands. This is both humbling and amazing; it’s humbling because God has given us an amazing open door to ground village pastors in His Word and to help build and plant strong churches anchored in grace and truth. It’s amazing because some of these pastors will travel 3-5 hours on bicycles or on foot paths just to come to the conferences or bi-weekly training meetings!  

We sense that it is time to add a 3rd PCP region to our areas of service. Lord willing, we expect 2-3 churches in this new region to start hosting new Passion Center for Pastors sites in the near future! This is the model we want to follow going forward. Please pray for us as we follow God in this unfolding story and consider giving to help make that possible. Thank you for coming along with us!




Please pray for us as we follow God in this unfolding story and consider giving to help make that possible. Thank you for coming along with us!

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